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The Sock Hopper


The Sock Hopper: A Washer/Dryer Safe Bag to Never Lose Your Socks in the Wash!

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We, a husband and wife team, came up with The Sock Hopper after fighting over who has to pair the socks when folding the laundry.

The Sock Hopper is a simple, elegant way to ensure your socks are never lost in the washer & dryer again. Put your dirty socks into The Sock Hopper at the end of the day, then throw the entire bag in the wash with the rest of your dirty clothes. The mesh top and bottom lets water and air flow through the bag, leaving your socks just as clean as if they were unprotected.

The Sock Hopper can stand upright, be attached to your hamper, or hang from any doorknob or hook.

This one-of-a-kind product makes the perfect gift for every laundry-doer!

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