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Meet The Sock Hopper

Never lose your socks in the wash again!

You love your socks.

We do too!

That’s why we created The Sock Hopper! Throughout the week, put your dirty socks into The Sock Hopper. On wash day, throw the entire bag right in to the washer and dryer. With its sturdy but breathable design, your socks come out clean, dry, and together. No more missing socks!

Where's my sock?

We all know the feeling. 10 socks enter the washer, 9 leave the dryer. The average person loses about 15 socks a year and over 1,200 in their lifetime.

Because socks are the smallest thing we wash, they often end up stuck to shirts or inside pants. There are also small gaps in every washer and dryer. Socks get sucked into those gaps. The smaller the sock, the greater the risk. On average, you’ll find 2-10 socks in this gap in your washer and dryer.

So what’s a person to do?


Save the socks!

People have come up with clever solutions over the years to this crime against fabric-kind. My mother used to pin our socks together with safety pins so they wouldn’t get lost. But the extra amount of time (and damage to the socks!) was just too much. It was easier to give the washer its weekly sock sacrifice and just buy more.

The Sock Hopper is a simple, easy to use solution.  It keeps your socks safety together, and away from sock gobbling gaps.

A Tale of Two Socks

and the hero that saved them.

Once upon a time there were two socks. They were the best of friends and went everywhere together. They dreaded laundry day. The sorting! The tumbling! And so many places to get lost. And indeed socks got lost regularly, drawn into crevices and never seen again.

Filled with fear, they pinned themselves together, holding tight as the force of the swishing water and tumbling air pulled at the pin and the threads it held. As they were pulled and stretched, their hope faded. This was no way to exist! The void would surely take them! 

But then came a mysterious bag. Made of strong canvas and breathable mesh, it was easy to jump in together and then fly free through the water and air knowing the bag would keep them safe.

Soon they were joined by others–gym socks, dress socks, even baby socks! Everyone wanted the safety of the bag. 

They thought the mysterious stranger would leave just as quickly as he came. But no! He didn’t shrink or rip or disappear into the void. He worked tireless to keep them together. The sock community became world renound for the longevity of their citizens. And the two socks who started it all, lived happily ever after. Together.


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The Sock Hopper is coming! Be the first to get it when we launch. Join our supporters email list to stay in the loop with production and be alerted when The Sock Hopper is available for purchase.

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