The Sock Hopper

Never lose another sock!
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We love socks.

The Sock Hopper is an effortless, elegant, and high quality way to manage your family’s socks when being washed.
It also works perfectly with your reusable masks!

Make Laundry Day Better

The Sock Hopper seamlessly integrates with your existing laundry routine. Just attach the bag to your hamper and throw in dirty socks at the end of the day.

On laundry day, throw the socks (bag and all!) into the washer and dryer. Socks emerge clean and dry, ready to be put away. Finally! No more wasted time separating socks when folding, or searching for that one missing sock!

Family Friendly

The Sock Hopper can hold up to 10 pairs of adult socks. It also works perfectly with washable masks!

Wallet Friendly

The Sock Hopper is an affordable and long lasting solution to the expense and frustration of  losing socks in the wash.

Perfect Gift

Give a practical gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend or a creative gift for that upcoming baby shower.